MLG Dallas Top 32 Placing

SGN sent a North American roster to the MLG Dallas Event, and they made a name for themselves. Captain Outbeam was able to lead his roster to a top 32 finish. Both losses came to teams that ended up placing in the money pool for the weekend. We are very excited for our COD divison to continue to grow and be a force to be reckon with. Here's how the weekend went: 

WR1 Bye

WR2 2-0 vs. @TrueVenomGaming (92nd seed)

WR3 2-1 vs. @TeamManics (28th seed)

WR4 1-2 vs. @SNG_Esports (5th seed)

LR5 2-0 vs. @ZoneGG (38th seed)

LR6 0-2 vs. @NationOfPower (21st seed)

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